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Business Coaching, much more than just consulting

Fine Focus is: is JUST business we see it,


There is a TREMENDOUS difference between a Business Coach and a consultant.

First, even though their goal is increased profit, Business Coaches have very personal relationships with our clients, relationships that should also be satisfying and fun.

A Business Coach knows that business should only be a part of any truly successful individual’s life.

So the Business Coach is loyal only to the person being coached; the consultant is responsible to the company.

A Business Coach is an experienced, numerate but strategic “voice on the shoulder” supporting business people. 

The Business Coach must have both objective and subjective goals but like any business assistance such as legal assistance or a marketing initiative, Business Coaches must more than earn their keep.

Conversely, a consultant is an outside technical expert who is brought in, simply to complete a specific project and then leaves.

In fact, the role of the Business Coach perhaps can best be illustrated by coach in any team sport.

A sports coach improves the players’ understanding of the game, of themselves and of their team mates by creating a team culture, preparing game plans and running the team through exercises and drills.  However during the actual play the coach gives direction, but from the sidelines.

A sports coach would never rush onto the field to play. That's just not the coach’s mission. Again, the coach's job is to focus on the big picture and to listen, teach, and motivate the team to play their best game.

Actually, that's analogous to the role of a Business Coach in the very serious game of business.

Similarly, a Business Coach mentors business leaders as captains of their teams, not by joining in but rather by teaching mentoring and motivating the leaders and their teams.

Consultants, on the other hand, actually get into the game.  They play alongside the team, subordinating themselves to the business leader.  A consultant is essentially a hired gun to complete projects.

That’s why consultants often become employees.  A coach would never become an employee.

Business Coaches measure their success objectively and subjectively; demonstrable "return on investment," and the clients’ satisfaction with progress to their life goal not the so-called "deliverables" associated with of a consultant.  

Business Coaches understand that supportive insight and fresh perspective are invaluable; applied skilfully, often in just minutes, it can be worth hundreds of thousands.

A consultant works on hourly rates to generate deliverables such as cost-of-goods-sold analysis, job descriptions, employment contracts, etc.

A Business Coach often generates 10's of thousands in revenue for clients by helping those clients achieve a wider spectrum of results, results that they would have never achieved without their Business Coach, sitting on their shoulder and holding them accountable.

So as we see it...

Because of the 24/7 nature of our job, we can commit to coach only 6 to 10 clients depending on their individual needs, as we HELP THEM make their businesses more profitable and rewarding.

Oh, and we work only with people who REALLY want our help.  Life is too short.


"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life
that no man can sincerely try to help another without also helping himself.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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