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"God governs in the affairs of men." Benjamin Franklin

Business Coaching, much more than just consulting

Fine Focus is:
is business

We are as well equipped as other management consultants to write volumes of jargon saturated documents of our capabilities and experience.

We choose not to.

...and a star to steer her by

"Quotations Of Others On This..."
"Wish we'd said that..."

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  • A European shipyard was looking for a Russian Shipyard to team with on the construction of Superyachts. We'd been there, so we knew where to look. Fine Focus traveled to Russia, toured various yards and found three with the necessary financial and technical capabilities.

  • A British company needed a US Company with whom to partner providing special logistics for Super yachts. We tried - couldn't find one responsive enough for our standards - so we set one up for them.

  • A British company wanted to act as agent for former East Bloc workers in the US. We checked out the legalities and procedures and contacted potential users - bridge too far, perhaps.

  • US investor group needed a practical way to find commercial properties to build a portfolio over the next five years. We listened, helped set the parameters and the plan, found dependable people to "bird dog" the opportunities and continue to coordinate the acquisitions.

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