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"God governs in the affairs of men." Benjamin Franklin

Business Coaching, much more than just consulting

Fine Focus is: is business

We are as well equipped as other management consultants to write volumes of jargon saturated documents of our capabilities and experience.

We choose not to.

...and a star to steer her by

"Quotations Of Others On This..."
"Wish we'd said that..."

  • A regional plumbing firm thought they needed a brochure to beef up sagging domestic sales. After listening, we thought they needed a plan to diversify and introduced them to Planned Maintenance of commercial and industrial building as a way of attacking the commercial market. The resulting gratifying expansion generated greatly increased profits and some new, positive challenges. They never needed the brochure.

  • A European headhunter recognised a market providing Masters for the owners of SuperYachts. We introduced them to the market and the people, developed a plan and helped them get going.

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